Xande Xoneras
First seenAlticlimax
Real nameXande
AlliancesThe Gods, Hyuske
Previous alliancesHyuske
Notable aliasesNone
Notable relativesSons: (Ivex Xoneras) and Scenes Sylfaen
Notable powersControl over the power of darkness, extreme physical strength and agility, Afterimaging

Who is Xande?!

Xande is a merciless, emotionless, and imcompassionate Xarkrain who was sealed before his reign of terror could even begin.

History of Xande

Early Life

Xande's birth is a mystery, but he "appeared" around the middle of the Alticlimax labeled as an enigma. He was like, but unlike normal demons in many ways, but there were only miniscule traits that differentiated him from the others. Nonetheless, the differences became unnerving and he was sectioned as a new race of demons called the Xarkrains. Xande didn't really have a childhood because of the unfortunate "accident" that befell his parents, but he did show signs of evil beginnings in this stage of his life.


Xande's teenage years are mainly to blame for his evil personality. By this time, Xande had already met [[Hyuske]], and thus already being corrupted by his beliefs. Xande was already on an evil path by this point, though, and despite the vigorous "urging" of Hyuske to stop, he still continued to perform dark and evil acts. This problem only worsened as Xande slayed the unnamed God of Chaos absorbing all of his corruption and power, bolstering his own evil in the process. It was a combination of this and Hyuske's personality that drove him to pursue the dark power that he now possesses.

Adult Life

Xande's adulthood was the most destructive period of his life, and one that he partially regrets. Near the beginning of the 2nd Crystal, Xande recieved a dream from the God of Order, Omega, telling him that he had been chosen to bear his offspring into the living realm. Xande reluctantly followed the dream's instruction and settled down with an Arkranian woman named Lucia Aletin. Xande was sealed away (Xande was sealedin the 3rd Crystal by the Supreme Guardian of Ashara, Prince Ion, and has yet to escape (the original intent of Omega) to this day.) before he got to behold his evil creation's birth, but nonetheless, Ivex Xoneras was still born in the 6th Crystal. Omega's other son, Scenes Sylfaen, was born two crystals later; though neither child would get to see either of their fathers until the "need" arose, that would be the least of their worries. Xande is remembered for the destruction and chaos that he himself caused, and for the creation of the seed that would destroy the universe, though no one truly remembers how evil and destructive he actually was.