Xaltia is an evil [[Altheran]] from the dimension of Archeal who was sealed near the 7th Crystal (See Ashara for more info]]) for unspeakable crimes. While not all Altherans are evil, a large variety of them (especially Xaltia) specialize in terrorizing and even murdering the inhabitants of other planets. Xaltia coincedentally has become one of the [[Pariahs of Death]] and now serves [[Hyuske]].

History of Xaltia

Xaltia is an evil Altheran who has been convicted of (but not sentenced) numerous universal crimes before he was sealed in the 7th Crystal. Xaltia's motives are unknown, as he recently freed the Lord of Terror, Hyuske, whom he now serves. Not much is know of Xaltia's activities, which makes it harder to determine his motives in events like [[The Balance War]], also making him more dangerous by the second.