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August 15, 2010/New Blog Posts

My blog has been officially updated for the month of August. Check it out!!

April 20, 2010/New Forum Discussion
Jump into the X Universe! There's a new discussion in the forum. Discuss which side you're on, and battle it out with each other. But keep it clean, guys.
April 20, 2010-September 30, 2010/Article Request Page

Please check out the Article Request Page and submit your ideas for a page on the wiki. If there's something you want to see up here, please say so, because after a while new pages will stop appearing on the wiki. Please take advantage of this opportunity!!

June 15, 2010-September 30, 2010/Decline of the Wiki
During this time no new articles will be posted. please leave a message with my admin User:Crack x-it if you have any questions, as he will have full control of the wiki during this time.
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Demons: "While the Arkranians were the first demons, they were not the first race of Demons to appear. The first two races to appear were the Xarkrains and the Arkranians. Every other race is a descendant of those two origins, but all demons originated from dragons..."

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