Intro to Dragons

The Dragons are the most highly revered race on Ashara (especially), X, and Gratia. Without the Dragons, Universaii and Demons would not exist, seeing as every race of demon and demon hybrid comes from the dragons, the original Arkranians.


Welbane is classified as a temperate type dragon, mainly because it prefers to live in mild climates. Welbane was one of the only dragons left standing after The Cataclysm making him one of the three Triads (the dragons who started the Cataclysm). Welbane is known as The Protector of Nature, mostly because of his habit of burrowing nests deep into the earth, something not all dragons are capable of. The Master's reason for creating Welbane is so that the vegetation and wildlife on Ashara would be kept intact and not destroyed.


Welbane's powers are more strategical, than offensive and are centered around nature. Welbane's bones are extremely thick and are can withstand abnormal amounts of pressure, explaining why he is not injured when burrowing into the ground. Welbane can control the nature around him (i.e plants, vines, the earth), making him one of the only elemental dragons. Welbane's spikes and horns are long and sharp, making it extremely easy for him to burrow into the ground.


Welbane became a dangerous figure sometime around the 5th Crystal when he, Klinos, and Sylfaen began The Cataclysm. Welbane has, since then remained a docile figure throughout Asharan history, and remains the only dragon that has been seen periodically. After the Cataclysm, Welbane began his duty of protecting Ashara's lush and varied landscape from alteration. It is believed that around that time Welbane also made several nests in the heavily foliated forests of Ashara, though their exact location could not be pinpointed. Because Welbane makes so many nests, it is impossible to detemine which one he actually uses and when.