There are many creatures in the X Universe, most of which are not worthy of note. The noteworthy are only those of evil, as the X Universe only produces villains not heroes. The "heroes" are often times the villians acting in their best interest. There are many villains, but only a handful worthy of note. Their names are listed below, click on them for more information.

Villains (categorized by location)



Heroes (categorized by location)

While they are small in number, the X Universe has a few individuals worthy of heroic note. Their names are also listed below, click on them for more information.


  • [[Arc]]


  • [[Ivex (Mortalis)]]
  • [[Saito]]


Gods (categorized by location)

Ascension (Gods)

Ascension (Creators)

Anti-Gods (categorized by location)

Genesis (Creators)

Genesis (Servants)

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