Reconstruction of the WikiEdit

The wiki is now open to editing by any registered user. Just because I have a number of pages to type and can't necessarily fix all the mistakes. I want to stress the fact that none of my work should be edited or you will be removed from the wiki. Thanks, and help out all you can!

Page Format ChangesEdit

As some of you may have noticed, the pages are undergoing a format change. New templates are being added to pages, and the entire look and feel of the wiki will be changing soon.

Staff RequestsEdit

Because of the future changes I'm making to the wiki, I'm trying to expand my staff, so if anyone would like to become an admin, please apply on the forums. Admins will have to have experience in certain areas, so please list any of your skills when you apply.

New Sidebar Addition and Story SectionsEdit

After a lot of thought, I have decided to add a Dread tab to the sidebar, and create a whole Dread section. Even though I may not be writing about Dread, people may still want to know about the universe's origins and more about L'asharc. This section may end up being just as large as the X Universe, I'll have no clue until I'm done. Because only a limited number of planets in the Dread Universe are used in my stories, there will only be minor plot reveals. I'll also be adding a special stamp to X Universe characters' pages that originate from or have ties to Dread. Also, characters that pop up in the X Universe from Dread will also be outlined here. This is going to be a big section, and it is probably the biggest request I have recieved so far, so get ready guys... >:)