New Story Sections Under Construction!Edit

I have added a Dread section to the sidebar now, but it is not yet complete. I have also added two new villans and one new hero to Ashara. I have added new terms to the Terms of the X Universe page, and plan to update the Legends of the X Universe page soon. All of this construction should be complete, or at least functional by the end of August. So keep an eye out!

Expansion of the FranchiseEdit

I'm working on expanding my writing to social networking sites such as Facebook and Gaia Online. For all of you Gaia fans, I have created a guild called the X Universe, which is free to join for the time being, so jump on in. For Facebook users, I have created a page (inserting link here) for you all to go like. I will post all the blog updates there as well as new story concepts and interactive feedback sessions. Please join these pages to support the X Universe!


August is going to be a busy month for me, so I will be updating the August blog and the Facebook page regularly as changes are made. Please keep a look out on the blog for those updates, and keep supporting the X Universe!