Terra is an almost exact remote copy of Earth, except the differences in atmospheric composition, the layout of land masses, and the absence of humans. While it shares similarities to the human planet, it has several differences that set it apart, one of which being that it is a magical planet. Not many events of importance happen on Terra, but some have been archived below.


  • [[Arcane Saga]]

Terra is a human (or Universai) planet at the southern most reaches of the X Universe; one of the few remaining human populated planets in the X Universe. Terra is the most advanced human planet in the X Universe, the leading planet planet in weapons exports and sales, and the current controller of the entire southern half of space.

Terran Government

Terra is governed by a single embassy. This embassy controlls all aspects of life on Terra, even all flights in and out of the atmosphere are scheduled with the embassy before departure. The embassy is the most efficient and effectively run democracy in the X Universe; and is most likely one of the last. Terra's government is rather simple, but that is what leads to its effectiveness. Any matter that needs to be settled in a legal or civil manner is directed to the embassy. Any transportation that desires a request with the embassy. It's this simple philosophy that creates the stable and civil state of Terra.