Intro to Dragons

The Dragons are the most highly revered race on Ashara (especially), X, and Gratia. Without the Dragons, Universaii and Demons would not exist, seeing as every race demon and demon hybrid comes from the dragons, the original Arkranians.


Sylfaen is classified as a mountainous type dragon because he prefers to live in high altitudes and mountain summits. Sylfaen was one of the only dragons left standing after The Cataclysm making him one of the three Triads (the dragons who started the Cataclysm). Sylfaen is known as The Master of Wind, because of the hurricane force winds that surround his nests. The Master's reason for creating Sylfaen is unknown, but it is believed to be so that he could hail over all the other dragons as the King of the Sky, making the sky his domain for all eternity.


Sylfaen's powers are prominently offensive; more so than any other dragon, and are centered around the element of wind. Sylfaen's skin contains several different splits, making it easier for him to channel the wind; in turn making it easier to swim and fly with tremendous speed. Sylfaen's wings are extremely thin, double layered folds of skin that can blow away everything in it's path, or even conjure a hurricane if the proper force is applied. Sylfaen's body is also covered with micro-spikes that serve as a shield against close-combat encounters with other dragons, inflicting deep flesh wounds on them with every attack. Sylfaen is the only dragon with two types of breath: flame and wind. The flame variation is a light green colored mixture of acid and ammonia, the power of which only rivals Klinos' in strength. The wind variation is a colorless, odorless mixture of napalm and natural gas that can spread across an entire area the size of 15,000 miles with one breath. The wind variation is the most dangerous type of his two breaths, and should not be underestimated.


Sylfaen became a dangerous figure sometime around the 5th Crystal when he, Klinos, and Welbane began The Cataclysm. Sylfaen was technically always a very agressive dragon, battling anyone within 1000 km of his various nesting grounds within the Xarkrain Mountain Range of Ashara. However, after The Cataclysm, Sylfaen disappeared from the skies of Ashara, and hasn't been seen since. Nevertheless, rumors still surface about disappearances in the mountain range, or sightings of an ominous shadow near cave entrances on the summits.