First seenOrigins
Real nameL'asharc Barren Arenartos
StatusAlive, In another universe
Previous alliancesNone
Notable aliasesThe Black Death, Tactical Assailant
Notable relativesBrother: Ephrael
Notable powersMasterful control over the atmosphere(can turn the gases in the air into lethal energy), Master of the essences of darkness and flame, Extreme physical strength
WeaponsMaster of hand to hand combat and uses the spiritsword Laeersynt.

Who is L'asharc?!

L'asharc is the creator of the universe Dread, and the brother of the Creator of the X Universe, Ephrael. L'asharc is classified as whole different type of God known as the Creator. The Creator group includes: Thesis, Ephrael, Stigma, and Dogma.

L'asharc: As Master of Dread

As a Creator, unlike Ephrael, L'asharc rules in the land of his creations and does not fear death. L'asharc has broken all telepathic connections with his creations, as he sees them only as his servants. L'asharc keeps Dread running only through fear and his socialist policies. While L'asharc himself does not believe in his policies, he believes that "a firm hand and a kick in the ass" is what his universe needs.

L'asharc: As an Enforcer

L'asharc is known as the Tactical Assailant, because he never intitiates the first move in a fight; he stands and waits for the attack and assesses the moves of his opponents. It is known that many people openly challenge L'asharc's authority (a reason why Ephrael took to staying in Ascension), though none have ever succeeded in even touching him. To the Gods of the X Universe, L'asharc is considered an anathema, and is barred from entering by Ephrael's command when he built The Great Divide.


L'asharc possesses extreme physical conditioning; he can create a crater in the earth with just one kick. This ability often allows him to kill his attackers (or at least tire them out) before they can damage him. It also allows him to get an edge on long-ranged opponents (magic-users) by keeping close at all times, not allowing them to attack him. L'asharc can also hyper accelerate his own actions, making it easier to deflect magic while attacking close-range as well. However, L'asharc's main power is using the atmosphere against his opponent. L'asharc can turn any gas in the atmosphere into energy that he can redirect at his opponent. This action doesn't waste any of his own energy, so he can use it an infinite amount of times making him an unstoppable force. Unfortunately, unlike Ephrael, L'asharc is doesn't possess the power to erase his creations. This is partly due to him breaking his telepathic ties with them.

L'asharc: A History

L'asharc is the original creator of Dread, a section separate from Thesis' X Universe. L'asharc, however, is not a full being. L'asharc is a fragment of the deity Stigma, and can only achieve a full being form by combining with his brother, Ephrael. L'asharc's full combined form is named and known as Arenartos. L'asharc cares for no one else's life but his own and his brother's, and is willing to fight till the death for even his last breath.