Intro to Dragons

The Dragons are the most highly revered race on Ashara (especially), X, and Gratia. Without the Dragons, Universaii and Demons would not exist, seeing as every race of demon and demon hybrid comes from the dragons, the original Arkranians.


Klinos is classified as an arid type dragon, meaning that he likes to live hot and dry areas. Technically, Klinos was one of the only dragons left standing after The Cataclysm making him officially one of the three Triads (the dragons who started the Cataclysm). Klinos is known as The Origin of Flame, mostly because of his predilection to living underneath burning hot magma, a feat no other dragon can successfully accomplish. The Master's reason for creating Klinos is unknown, but it is believed that it was to protect the core of Ashara from attacks.


Klinos' powers vary only slightly from that of normal dragons, and they are prominently defensive. Klinos' skin is covered with a type of coating that absorbs the heat and acids from lava, thus making him able to dive beneath it. However, when humans or demons come into contact with Klinos' skin, they burn instantly. Strangely, most dragons seem to be immune to this effect though. Klinos' breath also contains the heat and acids necessary to produce lava from his mouth, making him a dangerous enemy to combat on the ground. Klinos' back and ridges also feature sharp spikes that he can detonate on a whim, which protect him if an enemy was to mount his back.


Klinos became a dangerous figure sometime around the 5th Crystal when he, Welbane, and Sylfaen began The Cataclysm. It was only years afterwards that Klinos began his duty as the guardian of the core. From that time on, it is believed that Klinos began a deep sleep, and would only awaken if his territory had been threatened. However, after about the 15th Crystal, when the strange storms appeared on Ashara, The Burning Fissure disappeared in an earthquake, making it impossible to ever reach Klinos' nest again.