Ivex Altimus
First seenOrigins
Real nameIvex Altimus
Previous alliancesNone
Notable aliasesNone
Notable relativesNone
Notable powersControls the Lifethread and Death-Thread, can use the fatal and unique power of Alta
WeaponsPossess the Sword of Creation. Well skilled with broadswords.

Who is Altimus?!!!

Ivex Altimus is the embodiment of the X Universe and the source of the power of Arcane. Altimus is the creator of the X Universe and is known as the Arcane God (the supreme ruler of the X Universe in its entirety). He is also the source of the fatal threads of life and death (the Lifethread and the Death-thread).

Influences on History

Altimus rarely leaves Ascension (the dimension of the Gods that exists in The Great Divide) to interact witht the X Universe, but when he has, history was changed dramatically. Examples of such events are: The Balance War, The Fall of Zeigar, Incartia, The Destruction of X, The Return of the Originals, and the opening of The Great Divide.

Inside the Creator's Mind

Altimus spends most of his time in Ascension keeping watch over the souls that enter and leave The Great Divide, but he also passes judgement on those people in the X Universe who are at the end of their lifespans in his spare time. He spends most of his time monitoring the balance of the universe, a very strenuous task, but one; nonetheless, that he must perform. Altimus is one of the only gods that is unreachable through entering Ascension; he can only be reached by opening The Great Divide.

Enemies of the Creator

Altimus has very few enemies, all of which are humans who are unaffected by his power. The few enemies he has though, are very formidable opponents, even for demons. The Arcane Council (the organization created by Altimus to run the universe in his stead; run by Archsage Selios) has tackled several of his enemies and have failed on several occasions. A list of some of his enemies is below: