First seenAlticlimax
Real nameHyuske
AlliancesThe Gods
Previous alliancesThe X Universe
Notable aliasesLord of Terror
Notable relativesNone
Notable powersCan freely control wind and fire,
Can transform
WeaponsMastery over short-bladed katanas, and hand to hand combat

Who is Hyuske?

Hyuske is a vile and evil Altheran born in Ashara, and later sealed in Archeal for his unspeakable evil acts.

History of Hyuske

Early Life

Hyuske was born sometime near the Alticlimax from one of the last dragon-like Arkranians. Somehow, a majority of the genes he inherited were that of a dragon (this was unheard of at this point), giving him a monster-like appearance, even as a baby. While what he had become was still part demon (the other half dragon), he possessed traits that made most think otherwise. He was the first in a monstrous race of demons known as the Altherans. Forced to live with this "curse", Hyuske tried to make the best of the situation by helping others, though not many wanted the help of a monster. Shunned from society, he had no choice but to hone his skills and perfect a way to create a demon-like appearance. This ability soon became vital, as he could change his appearance to anything he wished, as he wished, creating an unbreakable shroud of obscurity around his actions. In later years, this ability would become one of the deadliest techniques.


Teenage Hyuske, as an outcast, predictably had friends that were in the same position as him. In other words, he befriended Originals. By that time (the late half of the Alticlimax), he had befriended the Xenophan (Saito), Xaleran (Retrace), and Xarkrain (Xande) Originals. He had also gathered a few other friends and formed the legendary group known as "The Originals". In the early years of the group, they were a force of good, helping Ashara and even winning/preventing a few wars. But the power of Hyuske was growing each day, and it soon began to corrupt him and his followers.

Adult Life

In the adult years of Hyuske's life, his power had corrupted him and a significant amount of his followers (mainly Xande and Retrace), causing divisions among his group, even though no one had the courage to leave. As Hyuske began to use his group to wreck havoc, the universe began to realize the destructive power of the Altherans, and the group mostly broke apart. While Hyuske had lost the power of his group, they were still bound to him, which meant that if he called, they had to come. This time period (the 3rd - 17th Crystal), known as "The Decline of the Originals" or "The Sealing Period", was the climax of Ashara (when the most powerful and evil people were sealed, and the Originals "disappeared") and the manifestation of Hyuske's destructive personality. During this time period, Hyuske was convicted of (but not sentenced) 11,603 counts of universal crimes, leading to his sealing in the 10th Crystal by an unknown party and also gaining him the title, "Lord of Terror". As the strongest and most evil of the Originals, Hyuske's return would mark the end of the X Universe.