Intro to Dragons

The Dragons are the most highly revered race on Ashara (especially), X, and Gratia. Without the Dragons, Universaii and Demons would not exist, seeing as every race demon and demon hybrid comes from the dragons, the original Arkranians.


In the beginning, The Master gave each dragon a choice on whether to become a new race or to stay a dragon. While most dragons jumped at the opportunity, some (especially Gregorine) were not particularly sure. Gregorine was one of these few, and demanded to remain a dragon until the end of time. Because of his courage to be the first to stand up to him, The Master granted Gregorine abilities which transformed him into a legend.


The powers that The Master granted Gregorine literally made him the King of Dragons. Gregorine was granted the ability to understand and speak human and demon languages, a new hide that resisted most elements, the ability to reform as a demon if he was destroyed, and the ability to control life essences.


While Gregorine possessed his new powers, he wiped out most of the dragon population on his own, purely out of sport. Finally realizing his superiority, Gregorine stopped, with the death toll in the near thousands. By this time the dragon population was near dwindling, due to Gregorine's murder spree, his hoarding of all the female species, and his inability to reproduce. The Master clearly favored Gregorine, but could not allow the race to be extinct so soon. Thus, he placed Gregorine in a deep sleep, and sealed him below the surface of Ashara in the rocks of the Western Ocean (which, after the 15th Crystal, began to freeze over). This action by The Master only angered Gregorine to the point where he would rampage if he ever escaped.