First seenIvex's childhood
Real nameEslyum Armand Eternal
AlliancesThe X Universe
Previous alliances(Ivex Xoneras))
Notable aliasesThe Twilight Flame
Notable relativesGod-brother: (Arc Eternal)
Notable powersCan control the Eternal Flames of Light and Darkness
WeaponsUses two thin-bladed swords made out of diamond and obsidian (also known as Twin Eternia)

Who is Eslyum?

Eslyum is an universal enigma and a full fledged member of XVI. Completely mysterious, not much is known of his life before meeting (Ivex), nor where Ivex found him. The only person who knows anything about Eslyum is his ex-god brother (Arc Eternal, whose current whereabouts are also unknown. Eslyum has never been seen before joining XVI, in fact his activities were kept an absolute secret by the people of Macris is the dimension of D'algear. Eslyum, of course, has a criminal record, mainly consisting of one to three major offenses. Some of his crimes include: The Seduction of Ari Samo of D'algear, Abetting convicted felon Zeigar J. Owens, Aiding the escape of Alyson M. Eternal from the Universal Prison, Attempted murder of Arcane Sage (Ailonis G. Besain), and abetting mass felon Ivex X. Katakura. Even with knowledge of all of his offenses, it is impossible to pinpoint his objective or to determine his past. Eslyum A. Eternal will continue to remain an enigma until his death.