The Arkranians were the first race of demons to be created by The Master, and are also known as the origin race of the species. As the first race, the Arkranians most resemble their ancestors, the Dragons.

Abilities & Inherent Traits

The Arkranian race has some selective traits that other races of demons do not possess. Some abilities and traits the Arkranians possess are:

  • High Agility
  • High Intelligence
  • Quick Healing Process
  • Thick bones and skin
  • Hard exoskeleton layer around bones
  • Thick tissue barrier around the heart protecting it
  • Ability to talk to dragons
  • Immortality
  • Ability to use magic
  • Ability to sense disturbances in the Lifethread

The starred traits are only found in members of the Arkranian race. While all demons can heal, the speed of the process itself usually depends on their race. More info on the races can be found in the archive Ephrael: Over-Ascended.