First seenThe Balance War
Real nameAilonis Gavin Besain
AlliancesThe X Universe
Previous alliancesNone
Notable aliasesZone, The Lotus Angel
Notable relativesFather: Ultima
Notable powersMastery over the power of light, capable of flight, Light of Judgement
WeaponsMastery over knightswords

Who is Ailonis??

Ailonis is a member of an ancient civilization of people who live underwater and one of the highest ranking members of the Arcane Council. Known as the "Lotus Angel", Ailonis is in charge of universal security and criminal prosecution. Not much is known about his past because of his ancient history, but information has recently been uncovered of him masquerading under the alias "Zone". Ailonis is probably the rogue of the entire Council; his actions are usually abrasive and violent, a rough contrast to the understanding and peaceful mantras that the Council stands for. All other aspects of Ailonis' life are kept secret by himself, Nerix, and Archsage Selios.

Ailonis' Civilization

Not much continues to be known about Ailonis' civilization, but it is believed that he is a member of the ancient Alevin race; a race of Xenophans that could breathe underwater. Legends tell that the Alevin would build massive constructs under the sea floor out of coral and scavenged parts from wrecks, but this has been proved to not be true. What little truth there is of the legend lies in where they built their cities. Alevin built their cities so deep in the ocean that no being besides an Alevin would be able to withstand the pressure. Then, when magitechnology developed, Alevin began to build under the sea floor to prevent their cities from being discovered. It was then that many ruins began to rise to the surface of the Eastern Sea of Ashara. Most Alevin cities remained undiscovered, but erosion and climate changes took their toll on the Alevin. An entire capital froze over in Aurora's Edge on Ashara when one of its moons caused a violent snowstorm; an elevated Alevin city on Gratia collapsed into what is now known as The Great Crater when a freak earthquake destroyed the land beneath it; and most of the Alevin were killed when The Great Hurricane Barrier appeared on Aluetia. The remaining Alevin now live either above ground disguised as humans or in their underground sea cities taking thier chances with nature.