Translation & OriginsEdit

Literally translated as the "Floating Capital of Origins", Aerizel is rumored to be the birthplace of Thesis. This rumor has recently been proven true, and the city has been explored.


Aerizel is not situated on a planet like most cities, it floats within a rift in the X Universe, far away from actual civilization. It takes 2,000 years to reach Aerizel from the edge of the X Universe, even with standard technology. Aerizel itslef is surrounded by a dense and heavy fog that is somehow bereft of moisture and sits on a floating mass of hardened rock and indestructible crystals. The land mass is huge and spans the size of 200 yards or more.

The City ItselfEdit

The city itself has not been fully explored but has been divided into layers.

The SurfaceEdit

The surface of Aerizel is eroded away and appears as a ruin on the outside. The ground is covered with ornate runed marble and covers the entire continent even though there is only one entrance into the city. A dilapidated aqueduct surrounds the inner continent and the city gates.